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About Deanne


Mission & Vision

To empower clients along a path to personal growth and healing.

That clients see the value in their journey and that they live their lives with the most optimism, beauty and contentment within their potential.

My Journey

Deanne was born and raised in Saskatchewan and now lives in Calgary, Alberta.  She started her own journey in earnest during a 6 month travel sabbatical in 2009.  During her travels she met and began training with Zen Master Nissim Amon of Israel, who she continues to study under.

Like everyone else, Deanne's life experience has involved not only beauty and joy, but also  loss, grief, disappointment, change, and uncertainty.  She has met the challenges in her own life by leaning on the wisdom of her teachers, training and life experience.  Most importantly, meeting life with an open heart.

Training & Experience

Deanne is a Trilotherapy Practitioner, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, End-of-Life Guide, Intuitive Energy Healer, as well as a songwriter, musician and singer.  Deanne combines the methods and teachings she has learned, and her own life experience to build the most effective and meaningful healing path for people.  She has 15 years of facilitation experience including retreats, workshops, and courses.