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Life Coaching A Whole New Way - Breathwork in Calgary, AB

Life Coaching A Whole New Way - Breathwork in Calgary, AB

Life Coaching A Whole New Way - Breathwork in Calgary, ABLife Coaching A Whole New Way - Breathwork in Calgary, AB



Ashanna Solaris & Dana Devi Dharma Delong, Co-Founders of Clarity Breathwork

Deanne holds a profound & present space for gentle healing and integration to occur. She is extremely gifted with empathy, compassion, respect, insight and guidance for her clients. We are excited that she will take these gifts out and share them with all who are called. We are certain that her clients will experience miraculous results from working with her.

Deanne Newkirk is an inspiring mother, & gentle compassionate leader. I would trust her completely with anyone wanting healing through the power of Clarity Breathwork.  Trust, compassion, presence & safety, all allow breakthroughs to manifest. Deanne embodies these qualities. I highly recommend her work.

Nissim Amon, Creator of Trilotherapy, Israel

Working with Deanne is a gift one can give to himself. She is very clear and soft at the same time. Her understanding and sensitivity are great, and she knows what she is doing.

Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., California, USA

Deanne is a graduate of my 2 ½ year Spiritual Healers Training for the Whole Human Being program. She understands the subtle forces of the chakras and has demonstrated the awakening of her spiritual power to help the human being to overcome illusion. Her work is sincere and authentic; she is an astute healer and adept seeker of higher consciousness.

Stephen Garrett, MA Founder of End of Life Guide Training, British Columbia, Canada

Deanne was totally committed to helping her family create a wonderful end of life for her dying Mom, problem was no one else wanted to talk about it.  Deanne stayed with it though and didn’t stay silent. She found ways to get the family to open up and be real about her Mom’s dying and ultimate death.  Her Mom’s final months on the planet were as good as they could be, they celebrated her life and lived fully with her until she passed.  Deanne brings this passion and compassion with her when she supports others facing end of life issues.  She’s a real gem!

Courtney, Calgary, Alberta

I put my trust in Deanne during a very difficult time. She was able to guide me by suggesting helpful techniques of breathing through the pain while alleviating the associated stress. Her gentle approach opened the door to a new level of awareness and healing. I would recommend her to anyone.

J.S., Calgary, Alberta

I wanted to let you know that the work you did with me today – although I actually didn’t cry a great deal for the level of ’emotional’ person I am – that I had an inner kind of awareness of the benefit of the work we were doing, going on. It felt like ‘knowing’ and feelings together; that the internal agreements were actually getting balanced. I don’t know how to express it really clearly, but it was a little like my inner wisdom was very rapidly understanding and accepting the value of the information within the agreements you were offering, and just setting them up in place, 1, 2, 3, where ever they would be best balanced… and that peaceful feeling has stayed. The work you did with me was very very good, and I am still feeling calm, and well. Thank you for writing the affirmations and homework… I will have my affirmation signs up in the morning!